The Student Association of La Salle College is at the core of all student activities, an association of the students, by the students, and for the students. To "cherish and protect the name of our school and care for our fellow students of La Salle College" is part of the official pledge taken by officers of the Student Association, and is also the aim that they endeavor for constantly and perseveringly. 

The Student Association is divided into six divisions as follows:

The Class Representatives Board is composed of the class representatives from all classes. The board serves as a bridge between the SA and the students. The Board also takes up the subscription of newspaper, the renewal of students' vouchers and the distribution of questionnaires on SA affairs. It also runs the Students' Welfare Scheme.

The Clubs Coordinating Board
 is mainly responsible for the activities of the clubs and societies and ensures their smooth running. The nomination of the new club chairman, the booking of General Purpose rooms, the production of the Talent Quest and Christmas Gathering, and the issuing of Joint-School Discount Cards are its jobs.

The Discipline Board
 maintains discipline in the school and at different functions like the Swimming Gala, the Speech Day, the Sports Day, the Christmas ball, the Parent-Teacher Meeting and the Inter-School Athletics Meet. The class prefects together with the D.B. working members patrol the corridors during breaks and check school bags.

The Finance Committee monitors all the financial matters of the Student Association. Budgets and financial statements are prepared and general meetings are regularly held in which financial situation of each Board are discussed.

The Publications Board publishes the three issues of the school newspaper 'the Lasallian'. It orders past public exam papers and book-report articles for schoolmates. Besides, Form Five promotion talk and Joint School Oral Practice are also held for the Form Five students.

The Secretariat is responsible for decoration of various school functions and the external communication of the SA. In addition, the Secretariat issues products like stationery, tie-clips, T-shirts, long-sleeves pullovers, organizers, mouse-pads and cups.